Night cream with cretan dittany and amaranth that contains a combination of shea butter and olive oil nourishing and hydrating skin in depth. Additionally, the avocado oil unsaponifiables effectively reduce transepidermal water loss and along with olive oil contribute to a smoother, healthier skin texture. The moisturizing agent from ceratonia siliqua (carob tree) that is the vegetable analogue of hyaluronic acid creates a protective film on the skin, while the aloe vera juice adds to the moisturizing effect of the product. Cretan ditanny and amaranth extracts provide antioxidant protection.

 Ingredients of Natural Origin: 96.4%

Minoan Life Night Cream – Olive, Dittany & Amaranth 50ml

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  • Apply in the night on face and neck area with circular movements until it will be fully absorbed.