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Original Greek Salad (horiatiki)

The most beloved salad in Greecehas many varieties but is always based on simple fresh ingredients and extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients 150gr. feta, diced 2 tomatoes red and tight, in medium pieces 2 cucumber peeled, sliced 1 pepper, in small pieces 1 onion, sliced 5-6 green olives 5-6 black olives 1/3 cup olive oil oregano 7-8 barley or wheat rusks salt


Wash and drain your vegetables well. Clean and cut them as described in the ingredients.

In a salad bowl, mix the tomatoes with the cucumber, the pepper and the onion.

Add salt and stir.

Add feta cheese, the green and black olives on top.

Sprinkle with oregano, pour over olive oil and serve immediately.


For extra taste instead of

salt and oregano use

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