Our APHRODITE® pre-shampoo hair/scalp oil is a unique blend of ultra-nourishing oils that help to strengthen and soften weak or damaged hair.

Using Cretan organic extra virgin olive oil, combined with numerous clinically proven beneficial ingredients, this ultra-nourishing, non-greasy treatment is specially formulated to deeply penetrate into each root and strand bringing damaged, dehydrated hair back to life.

 Its high content of olive oil tones, nourishes, and moisturizes the hair in depth leaving it shiny and soft. The characteristics of saw palmetto and laurel oils prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, while the almond and wheat germ oils fortify the hair from the root. Vitamin F, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, along with the phospholipids, prevent dryness and loss of shine, while the argan oil and calendula extract, sooth, and calm any inflammations or irritations of the scalp. 

APHRODITE Pre-shampoo Ultra Nourishing & Toning Hair/Scalp Oil 100ml

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    • Apply evenly on hair and scalp by gently massaging in circular motions 2-3 times per month as needed.When finished applying the oil, cover hair with a towel so the treatment can be absorbed by the hair.Leave the Product on for 20-30 minutes.Unwrap the hair and wash using any of Aphrodite’s nourishing shampoos, depending on your hair type.

      Beauty tips/advise:

    • For optimum results, combine the use of the APHRODITE® Moisture & Shine Conditioner with the APHRODITE® Moisture & Shine Shampoo and the APHRODITE® Moisture & Shine Hair Mask. This hair care regimen contains specially chosen ingredients whose action is amplified when these products are combined.
    • To seal in moisture and protect hair from breakage while combing or drying, follow with APHRODITE® All-in-One Leave-In Hair Serum.